Enrollment Packet

Items Needed for Registration

**All of these items listed need to be returned before your child will be considered registered at the OCC Childcare Center**

  1. Registration and Emergency Form
  2. Child Health Form- Updated Immunization Record
  3. Authorization to Administer Prescriptions
  4. Schedule
  5. Child Enrollment Form
  6. CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form
  7. Photo Release/ Local Field Trip Permission Slip
  8. Policies and Procedures/ Signature Sheet
  9. Copy of Birth Certificate
  10. Registration Fee ($25.00 per child, $50.00 per family)

**The following forms can be printed, filled out, and brought to Ann Adjutant or emailed to her at Amadjutant@aol.com**

Statement of Philosophy

Nothing has to be signed on this form

Parent Handbook

Please sign the acceptance form for policies and procedures

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Child Care Registration and Emergency Information

Child Health Form- Updated Immunization Records

Authorization to Administer Medication

Child Enrollment Form

CACFP Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form

Photo Release

Sunscreen & Local Field Trip


Please let us know in advance if you're changing your child's schedule. If you withdraw your child, please try to give us two weeks' notice. Thank you.